Introduction to WordPress Widgets.

Written on 18/Feb/2013 by | Category : WordPress Tutorials

Introduction to WordPress Widgets

WordPress Widgets are the items found on the sidebar of your WordPress website. In order to manage the widgets go to ‘Appearance’ located in the dashboard and from there select ‘Widgets’. The available widget box lists all the widgets that appear on your site. Each one is listed with a name along with basic information. You will find that the right side of the screen provides spaces for placing the widgets. Press on the widget, hold it and drag it to the side bar to the position where you wish to place it. Arrange the WordPress widgets in an order you think is appropriate for your WordPress website.

WordPress Widgets in action

Clicking on the ‘Drop Down’ arrow will display options for the WordPress widget. Depending on the widget you have more or less options. Clicking on the ‘Close’ button below each widget box will close the options without saving the changes. If you press ‘delete’ then the setting will be deleted and pressing ‘save’ will save the settings. Now, if you want to get rid of the widget but wish to save the settings, then drag and drop the widget in the inactive widget box located at the bottom left corner of the screen. You can restore the widget at any time by dragging and dropping it at the same place from where you had removed it.

Clicking on the screen options at the top will provide you the opportunity of enabling the accessibility mode. This option offers you a different way of managing your WordPress widgets. You can deactivate it by going to screen options and clicking on ‘disable accessibility mode’.

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