Introduction to WordPress Image Editor

July 22nd, 2013 | Blog

Introduction to WordPress Image Editor

The image editor is an important zone in WordPress. Knowing about how it works will help you to set a perfect image on your post, page, and website. You will find the image editor on left side bar. Select ‘Media’ and after that select ‘Library’. Find out the image from a list of images stored in the Media Library and click edit. As soon as you click edit, a page will open where you will see the information on the image you are about to edit. Click ‘edit image’ and you will arrive at the image editor. The tool bar above the image has icons through which you can edit the image.

You can rotate the image and flip it as well. It can also be placed vertically. Crop your image by dragging the portion you wish to crop. There is a help option on the right side which will help you with the details regarding cropping the image. Save the changes by clicking ‘save changes’ for your image. You can resize the image by clicking on ‘Scale Image’ on top right. By clicking on that you will see the dimensions of the image in width and height. Replace any one of the numbers and the other automatically gets adjusted to maintain the aspect ratio. Click on the scale button to make the changes.

If you wish to get the original image, then click on ‘Restore Original Image’. To finalize the changes made to your image, click on ‘Update Media’.

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