Introduction to the Visual Editing Formatting Toolbar

July 22nd, 2013 | Blog

Introduction to the Visual Editing Formatting Toolbar

In this article we will take a look at all the tools listed in the toolbar of the visual editor on WordPress. The first icon appearing on the toolbar is the bold (B) icon. Clicking on this icon will embolden your text. The next icon is the Italics (I) and clicking on this icon will Italize your text. The third icon is the strike through icon (-) which is typically used to strike through a word or paragraph to show some kind of error or changed made to the post. The 4th icon creates an unordered bulleted list and the one after that creates an ordered and numbered list of items inside the post. These are usually done to highlight important points in the post.

Next is the quote icon (“). This is used to block quote inside the test. Type something and put it inside the quotes. This is normally done to highlight or to incorporate words spoken by someone. The following 3 icons are used for text alignment in you web design. Starting with the left alignment followed by center and finally right alignment. The link and unlink icons help link your page and unlink it. Through the link icon your page will be linked to your website as well as to another website. The insert mode tool provides a break in your page to allow listings.

The next icon is used for spell check purpose. The full screen icon eliminates everything else from the page apart from the text. The kitchen sink icon provides tools for editing and formatting your content.

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