How To Restore Page from Trash Folder in WordPress

July 22nd, 2013 | Blog

Process to Restore a Page from Trash Folder in WordPress

While going through your WordPress account you might want to get back a page you have deleted long back from your account. Do not worry, WordPress provides facilities for restoring a page from the trash folder for such times in need. The trash feature in WordPress only removes items and does not delete them permanently. If you have placed a page or a post in the trash folder and now wish to proceed with some other activity with the page like restoring, view or permanently delete the page, you have to visit the dashboard and select posts or pages and click on the ‘trash’ link.

In the trash folder you will find all the items that you have placed inside it in the last 30 days. Now, you must remember that an item lying in the trash folder for over 30 days will get deleted automatically. Pointing the mouse on a deleted item will display options like ‘delete permanently’ and ‘restore’. If you click on ‘delete permanently’, then the item will be deleted forever and you will ever be able to restore it back again. However, for restoring the item, you have to select the other option which is ‘restore’. Clicking on this option will restore the page or post on the dashboard for immediate use.

Hence, if you have been rather indiscriminate while removing an item to the trash folder you can restore it easily for future use. However, remembering to restore it within a period of 30 days is important because after that it gets deleted automatically forever.

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