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July 22nd, 2013 | Blog

Method to Edit WordPress Links

WordPress as we know of it today is a popular platform to publish one’s content. Links are vital to management of websites. Managing links on WordPress can be done through the edit links section.

Links contain pages and posts. In the edit links section these links are managed properly. To add a link click on the Links icon on the left side margin of the side bar. You will notice 2 options falling from the main icon. Click on the ‘Add New’ category. A page will appear where you have to fill up the other details. First is the ‘names’ section where you have to provide the name to the link. This name is the text that the visitors will see when they visit your website.

Next is the Web Address where you have feed the address of your website. Ensure that you include the ‘http://’. This is mandatory. Followed by this is the section on ‘description’. Enter the description of the link. This description appears when the visitor points on the link. The link needs to be assigned a category. You can select the category and check the box as per the category appearing on the left side. You can also add a new relevant category for the link by clicking on ‘Add New Category’.

Select the target of the link If you wish to keep the link private, then click on the ‘Keep this link private’ option on top right. Finally click on add link to save the new link.

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