Delete an Image from WordPress Post or Page

July 22nd, 2013 | Blog

How to Delete an Image from WordPress Post or Page

While surfing through your own website or post you might not like a particular image which you had uploaded previously. Now, you want to delete it. In order to delete an image from a page or post, you have to go to the page or post and select the image by clicking on the mouse and dragging it to select the entire image. Now, click on the delete button in the tool bar located on the top of the content editing box. This will remove the image from your post. However, the image will still remain on the server.

In order to access the image later, go to the top right corner of the page and click on the ‘upload/insert’ button and then click on gallery. All the images you have ever uploaded for this post will be listed in the gallery. Click the show button on the image and at the bottom near the ‘used featured image’ link you will see ‘delete’. Click delete and confirm the activity. Once you update the page, the media will be removed from your site beyond recovery. You can also visit the media library to manage and delete the image from post.

From the toolbar on the left, go to media and then library. All the media will be listed in the media library which has been uploaded to your site. The media can be deleted in bulk by simply checking the boxes against the media. Go top the drop down menu and select ‘delete permanently’ and apply it.

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