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Priory Gas Heating

Priory Gas Heating is one of the biggest plumbing contractors in the UK, operating in and around the London area. Priory Gas Heating works across both the domestic and commercial plumbing sectors and also carries out boiler installations.


What we delivered at the end of the project

  • Web Design
  • WordPress Development
  • Responsive Bootstrap Design
  • CMS
  • On-Site SEO
  • Progress Reports
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Project description

Responsive WordPress Website Design & Development

An improved website for a growing business

Priority Gas Heating was getting more and more customers and wanted their website to move with its business.

We took into account the growing demand of our client’s services and designed a website that could appeal to a considerably large audience. Indeed, we knew Priory Gas heating had domestic and private services, so it was important to target both companies and households. We created an original website design with features such as an image gallery, a homepage slider and custom fonts.

Putting the website on the spotlight

Priory Gas Heating was also to meet its growing demand and wanted to generate more traffic on its website to attract potential customers.

To make that improvement on our client’s website, we put our SEO knowledge to use by brainstorming on the best keywords we could use in the copywriting, by doing link building and also by checking the website’s HTML code, the meta tags, the alt-tag as well as the keywords density. We also sent weekly SEO reports to our client in order to keep track of the progress made by the website. After 6 years, Priory Gas Heating is still counting on us for its digital work and we are always happy to improve its website in any form.

From dynamic to engaging

Priory Gas Heating not only wanted to showcase its services through its website, but they also wanted to create more user engagement.

In response to that, we added a new range of functionality to the website design, starting with a smooth navigation to create a more straightforward user journey. Given the fact that our client had a lot of satisfied customers, we added various widgets for testimonials and contact forms. Therefore, website visitors can notice the good quality of our client’s services and they can get in touch straight away through through strategic calls to action.

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