Our Web Design Journey Begins

Brief overview of our web design process

Wireframes for Web Design

Wireframes are line drawings that demonstrate the placement of elements used within our proposed web design. Wireframes are fast to produce and enable us to show the functionality and structure of your website prior to designing it.This will help you to gain a clearer picture of the overall look and function of your website before you commit to the web design project.

Effective Navigation Design

Simple-to-use website navigation is essential for an intuitive website. Clear menu structure, optimised menu names and animated drop-down menus are just a few factors we consider.With years of knowledge and experience to provide a professional web design service, we understand the importance of allowing visitors to easily browse and find the information they need. This will ultimately lead to more sales and greater customer satisfaction.

WordPress Widget Design

WordPress Widgets are part of what makes a web design unique. Interactive features; such as, social feeds, blog-rolls, email marketing sign-ups and access to news all serve to make web designs more engaging. Furthermore, they have an easy-to-use control panel for adjusting their settings. Give our experts a call today to find out more on how WordPress Widgets can help to expand your business potential.

Contact Forms, Phone & Email

One of the main objectives of our web designers is to design a website that encourages contact through email or phone. It’s important that your contact details are displayed prominently to encourage visitors to make contact. We display this information clearly throughout all our web design projects and use forms, registrations and sign-ups to really make the most of your business services.

Buttons, Icons & Bullets

Highlighting important areas of your website can be achieved by using well designed and effective call-to-action buttons. Some of the effects we use include gradients, lighting effects, strokes and words such as ‘Contact Us’, ‘Sign-up’, ‘Download’ or ‘Read More’. These ‘call-to-actions’ encourage visitors to discover more about your services or contact you. Icons and bullet points can highlight paragraphs or lists, which make skimming your website much easier.